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Sunday, December 05, 2004

Target Audience - Business Web Sites

What type of audience does your business web site need to attract, keep and service?

Existing Clients

You have existing clients so what type of information might an existing client be looking for? Existing clients would need:

  • Product Information
    They have purchased a product and need more detailed information. Possibly, product specifications, cleaning instructions, user manuals, or any other product information one might need.

  • Service Information
    The product requires repair and they need information on how to get it serviced. Do they send it back to you? Do you have authorized service depots? If the product uses something basic, say a light bulb, what are the specifications of the user replaceable parts?

  • Order Verification
    They have placed an order with your company and are wondering when/if it was shipped. What is your standard shipping time? How can they verify shipment date? If shipped and has not arrived how do they have you track it?

  • To place new orders
    An existing customer wishes to place another order. How are you going to keep track of existing customers so they can reorder easily? Will each customer have an account number? an Id number?

Keeping customers happy is very important, especially when they are returning customers.

Potential Customers

Any new visitor to your site is a potential customer. When looking at potential customers as a target audience the following needs to be considered:

  • How will potential customers get to the site?
    What means of advertising is best suited for your potential customers? Word of mouth? Submitting the site to search engines? Hard copy advertising in a local or national medium?

    Will they be internet savvy?

    Like existing customers, potential customers are going to need product information, specifications, service information and an easy system to order.

  • Why should they buy your product?
    What makes your product different from all the rest? Price point? Features? Ease of use?

When you visit a business web site, what features do you look for? Put yourself in your potential customer's shoes.


If your business is looking for investors they are going to look for financial information. If you have press releases or have been in the press at all they are going to want to know and read these. Make it easy for them. Include links to your own press releases and featured articles on other sites.

Your Staff

Your staff needs to up to date with the latest information. This can be accomplished through the use of an Intranet or a secure portion of your web site.

The sales team would need information on new products and pricing, price changes, policy changes and sales incentives.

What other features might your staff need? Extended health information? Holiday policy? A way to make suggestions for improvement?

Whether your business is small or a large corporation, customers and staff are an important part of your success. Making information readily available and easily accessible is important to any business.