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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Target Audience - Informational Web Sites

As with a business web site, the site must have good original content. This content must be useful and helpful to the visitor for them to bookmark/revisit the site.

What type of audience will your informational web site attract?

Visitors to these type of sites will be looking for specific information. A well organized and easily navigated site is especially important to this type of site. The visitor wants to find what they are looking for quickly.

Audience skill level will influence how your site is structured. If the audience is a computer/internet beginner they may not know how to search or navigate a web site efficiently but if the intended audience is a computer or internet savvy type then possibly a more complex site is in order.

New Visitors

How the intended audience finds the web site will determine the type of structure and content contained in the site. If marketed to experienced users of the information then they maybe looking for solutions to specific problems or the latest information available. If marketed to a newcomer to the information then possibly a more general theme of information is appropriate.

  • Product Information Web Site
    The visitor is considering purchasing your product and needs more detailed information. Possibly, product specifications, cleaning instructions, user manuals, or any other product information one might need.
  • Skills Building Web Site
    What skill level is the web site going to focus on? Is it appropriate to divide the site into different skill levels?

    Including theory with working examples and screenshots maybe be the direction to go depending on the type of skill you are teaching.

Attract Repeat Visitors

What features do you look for in a web site that make you want to bookmark the web site for future reference?

New Content is important for any site. Continually adding new information will give visitors and search engine spiders a reason to revisit the web site.

Message and discussion boards would be a feature to consider.

Newsletters can provide notices of new features and content to existing visitors.

Resources Section containing links to further reading, references used within the site, product sources and referenced/suggested software.