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Sunday, February 06, 2005

Database - Website Databases

Including a database for use with a web site will require that the web hosting company supports the type of database selected.

A database can be used for user login, product cataloges, image galleries, mailing lists, just about anything.

Some of the types of databases used on the web are:

SQL - Structured Query Language

SQL is a language used to access databases. It is used with relational databases to conduct queries (find information within the database based on criteria), add and delete information to the database and otherwise manage the data within the database.


MySQL is an open source (free) relational database. Relational means that the data is stored in tables instead of in one long data file. It can be run on a Linx or Windows server. When hosting packages include MySQL they usually include PHP to with it.

MySQL Open Source Database

SQL Server

SQL Server is a Microsoft relational database suitable for large database driven web sites.

Microsoft SQL Server


Oracle is a relational database management system.

Oracle Database Products

Microsoft Access

Access is another Microsoft relational database. It has it's limitations as to how much data it can hold. MS Access isn't used very much for web sites because usually a web site that requires a database has a lot of data to contain and process.

Microsoft Access